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Project vs Change

Since project as a subject of Project Management discpline is a unique journey, as such in fact it represents also a change, the subject of Change Management discipline.


person month

Sometimes, the students have a problem to understand this concept, especially its practical application on their student's works during the course Project management.



Based on my experience, managers who know how to use the URGENT - IMPORTANT MATRIX (called also the EISENHOWER MATRIX) are in an advantage in comparison to others. The matrix is used to evaluate and subsequently to have the ability to prioritize daily tasks.


Stakeholder management

We delivered information system for a production line. Part of delivery was also an application for users in production. Analysis and high level design was approved by the customer representatives. At the beginning of implementation phase we have found out, that the application for users will not well match the user's needs (a foreman of production line was very critical). We relied on the information we got from customer's bosses, but it was not sufficient.


Feasible scope

we had to deliver a product, whose development was not finished yet and delivery processes not set. Customer was informed about possible short delay. After long delay the new product was finally ready, but there was found limited possibilities to run.


Sustainability of resources

At project start we have looked for a specialist in a particular IT area. The project owner found one (using his managerial channels) – the specialist was persuaded to work at the project for half an year ( as “temporary solution” for starting the project). We were not informed about his interim acting, he was not direct member of project team. After one year he stand up and announced to stop.


Solicitous choice of subcontractor

We needed to deliver a small boxes to all the location of our customer. We were obliged to ensure the delivery of the boxes in the agreed date and sort time slot. We contracted a world-known shipping company. As the life showed us the shipping company was not able to keep the dates and time preciously and unfortunately it was also not exactly mentioned in our contract with them. We had to cancel the contract and hire another shipping company with precious define obligation.


Unclear scope

The preparation of new project has started before signing of contract. Unfortunately the contract was not signed, sales and customer decided to make only an addendum to the existing service contract instead. Contract documents were elaborated well, but were not valid, thus the addendum was too short and vague.

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