How working with Israel's Prime Minister helped me learn about communication?

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After graduating Politics and Diplomacy I was fortunate to start working as a PA for the former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. On my first day of work, I went to his room to sing some papers. I said "Mr. Olmert…" but soon he stopped me, looked into my eyes and said "You can call me Ehud". From that day I always watched carefully how he communicate with every person that came to our office, or even when we walked on the street. No matter if it was a Prime Minister from another country, a CEO of a big company, an executive leader or just someone that came to ask for help. Every time his approach was to treat that person respectfully and genuinely, without making him feel that he is above nor inferior.


'Eye level communication' is an important aspect of effective communication, as it helps to convey respect, establish a connection, convey confidence, and improve the effectiveness of communication.


Here are my three tips for better communication: 1. Eye contact- the most powerful nonverbal communication that involves maintaining eye contact. It can help to grab and hold the attention of the person you are communicating with. 2. Active listening- means empathetically listening, without judging or imposing your own views. Just being present while someone else is talking. 3. Genuine and authentic communicating: This can lead to better understanding and more productive and positive interactions



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