Coaching (Approach) for Managers

Success Problem

Coaching undoubtely is a very efficient method for development of both individualas and teams. In the context management we often may get a questions: 1. If/how a good Manager should use Coaching or 2. If a good Manager should also be a Coach.


Question 2 is similar to a question if a top level athlete should be also a top level psychoanalyst (as the mindset definitely is one of crucial factors of success in sport). The answer is would be: to become a good athlete you need to master the particular sport discipline - its principles, techniques, etc. To become a top level, you in addition need to have applied knowledge in some related areas as human physiology, motivation, stress management, ... But it is nearly impossible that a top athlete will simultaneously become a top psychoanalyst as a the athlete needs to be strongly focused on the sport and has no capacity for putting the same amount of effort into an additional area. For a relation between a Manager and a Coach, the answer is similar. It is very useful to have some applied knowledge in Coaching, but a manager hardly can also be a top professional coach. Now back to question 1. The answer here definitely is that although a Manager cannot be a professional coach (Q2), he/she should be able to apply a Coaching Approach. The Slovak Coaching Association (SAKo) defines the Coaching Approach as "applying coaching mindset, coaching questions, selected skills and tools in a respectful interpersonal interaction, especially in leading, supporting or developing people. The purpose is to increase the awareness, independence, competence or responsibility of a person in solving tasks, situations and challenges". Besides the ability to use Coaching Approach, the Manager also should be able to evaluate when it is efficient to apply it - in context of the specific situation and person(s) involved.


A good Manager shall have in the repertoire various approaches for managing situations and people. Besides a directive approach, mentoring, consulting, facilitating, ... it should also involve a coaching approach. This doesn't make the manager a professional Coach, but offers additional possibilities for getting the best efficiency along with the highest value for the managed people.



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