Tactical level manager and corona crisis elimination

Success Problem

We are currently fully facing the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to overcome the obstacles that this time brings to our companies and organizations. What could this situation tell us? Could we have been better prepared as managers on tactical level?


The impact of the pandemic is evident at all managerial levels. Each level of management can learn lessons from the present, which can help after the crisis. As a manager on tactical level we should have asked following questions. Find out whether you have done enough to eliminate the impact of the COVID - 19 crisis on your business.


Did we communicate the company's strategic goals with operational managers (strategy cascading)? Do we support the cascading of business ideas from the bottom up, ie from the middle level of management to the TOP mng. Are our organizational units mentally and technically prepared for the change brought about by the fast changing world or possible crises of various magnitudes? How is our dynamic capability? Do we have plans and methodologies for dealing with catastrophic scenarios (fires, natural disasters ...) along with the division and description of managers' responsibilities (crisis management) and employee compensation? Are we are able to make quality and fast decisions based on the goals we want to achieve (high quality decision). What have we done to increase and maintain employee loyalty to our company brand? Do we have a system in place to support, record and reward creative ideas? Do we dedicate time and resources to the community, the region in which we operate - social responsibility? Do we provide our TOP customers, business partners with something extra - added value. Do we use sufficient technical online resources in the company at the same time? Do we consider the risks and implement measures to eliminate them? Do we have an effective system in place to inform employees about new rules and regulations in a shorter period of time (eg in unforeseen situations)?



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