Hiring and developing young managers

Success Problem

It is known that currently there is generally a shortage of skilled workforce for positions such as: manager, SCRUM Master, programmer, analyst, and others. One of the ways is to look for managerial talents amongst the students during their university studies. The question is which competencies are given to the personality of a young person and which competencies may be developed later in the process.


The selection of the wrong person for the management function ( for managing small teams or small projects ), who does not have certain personal competences, will certainly bring frustration and unnecessary financial investments.


Which competences then seem to be substantial for the choice of students? One of the essential competencies is RESULT ORIENTATION. In practice, this means that the candidate (student) is able to steadily move towards the result and he can differentiate what is essential for reaching the goal and what is not. Another competency is the ability to manage changes and respond dynamically to changed conditions. However, the current rapidly changing world requires both a response to change and a proactivity, prediction, and risk and opportunity identification. Possible responses need to be prepared in advance for these events. How to verify these competencesies? Perhaps the most appropriate way is to assess candidates in solving a specific task, project, and activity, and to evaluate its results.



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