Success Problem

The last part of my agile mistakes series is the 3rd - SCRUM PRINCIPLES & RULES issues.


The real-life examples of the AGILE PRINCIPLES& RULES misunderstandings: 1. Over-committing the first sprint and after experience a decline in motivation/energy; 2. Not raising obstacles early enough; 3. Insufficient Risk Management (risk not included in a Impediments List) ; 4. Customer feedback is not at the first place; 5. Daily SCRUM is not implemented – only twice per week (lax Daily SCRUM) ; 6. Paper board is not used (only Excel sheets/Google spreadsheets) ; 7. Not conducting Retrospective meetings after every sprint; 7. Demo days are underrated (several demos by several projects in one day) ; 8. Doing the SCRUM practice without the agile principles; 9. Poor training of the agile team; 10. Missing “SPRINT in between” to fix “old” bugs; 11. SPRINT Planning has been done remotely (not face to face) ; 12. Not removing obstacles at an Project Initiation; 13. SCRUM Master holding sole responsibility for delivery; 14. Poor estimation and planning experience; 15. Daily SCRUM does not start on time (waiting for SCRUM Master) ; 16. Missing the regression tests (for a product to be used in operation) ; 17. Failing to manage the stakeholders expectations; 18. Demonstrating unfinished functionality during sprint review; 19. Missing the Product Owners Sync session (multiple teams)


Please remember the following mistakes: Missing retrospective meetings just to save time. Thinking that holding a Daily Scrum makes your project agile. Missing explanation that your first couple of sprints will be a bumpy ride. Focus on tools but not fully understand the Agile Manifesto principles. To summarize all three parts. The key success factor for agile project is the right agile mindset and engagement of project team.



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