Four recommendations for Agile projects

Success Problem

In order to manage internal and external projects, many companies are nowadays trying to use agile frameworks. However, in many cases, reading books on agile and being familiar with the agile framework (e.g. SCRUM) is not enough. Companies need to firstly revise their internal processes, reflect on project methodology, define roles and responsibilities descriptions. Before implementing agile management to their projects, they need to set and make sure everybody understands company reporting arrangement.


Poorly prepared agile environment is an unstable base for future projects. It may lead to product owner, scrum master and development team frustration and resistance to manage delivering by the trendy agile approach.


Based on our experience there are four key points which are leading to successful agile implementation in practice: 1. hire and train project team members to be proactive and self-organized 2. analyze and redefine all agile project related processes (e.g. business, procurement, staff hiring) 3. Set up communication rules among agile team and other stakeholders (e.g. TOP management, Customer, Project Sponsor) based on the recommended agile manifesto “Working software over comprehensive documentation” 4. Provide customers (Sponsors) with the “agile items” in agile contract, their roles and responsibilities in agile framework as stated in the manifesto “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation”



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