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Success Problem

Many managers are not aware of the company's strategy so they cannot make the right decision which are alligned with the strategy. They do not have knowledge about the key strategy goals for the next period. The reason is weak communication among TOP management and middle level management. Cascading strategy (top-down strategy) is missing in the process.


The problem is that managers make their decisions intuitively rather than deliberately based on the companies strategies. The company follows competitor activities and tries to copy them in order to gain profit, but without reflecting their own unique strategy. Many projects are executed even if there are missing long-term business justification (resources are allocated inappropriately). Team members are not able to solve issues and overcome obstacles as they do not understand the strategy and the reasoning behind their tasks.


TOP Management must ensure up to down cascading communication of the strategy goals. It means that each manager understands what are the company strategy goals for the next period (e.g. 6 months). Managers explain and inspire team members to search for new opportunities and cascade them bottom – up based on their everyday experience. This is a new proactive mind set and a real engagement setup of all employees. This strategy approach covers also the team members development in order to ensure managed capabilities growth allign with future strategy goals.



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