Do we know ourselves?

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Self-reflection is the process by which a person separates himself from the outside world and turns to their feelings, thoughts, aspirations and values.


There are things that one constantly focuses on in everyday life - solves what other people think of him, solves their lives, their colleagues, their acquaintances, their relationships. Interestingly, we sacrifice so much energy for matters that concern others, but not ourselves. If we realize who we are and what we feel, we can work better throughout our daily lives - we can be more efficient, more ourselves. It may seem like a small thing, but the ability of self-reflection is the basis of each person's personality.


Questions, which can help you to get to know yourself: 1. Who am I? 2. What am I most proud of? 3. What am I most grateful for in my life? 4. What is most important in my life? 5. Who are the five people I spend most of my time with? 6. What are my biggest goals? 7. What are the most important things I have learned in my life? 8. How can I use my previous experience? 9. What are my core values? 10. Where do I see myself in 10 years?



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