Boosting Work Efficiency

Success Problem

Work efficiency is one of the key areas for increasing productivity.


Productivity measurement expresses how efficiently a worker, line, and equipment can convert inputs to outputs. Since productivity is closely related to time, any unnecessary waste of time such as downtime, lack of material or not disciplined worker reduces work efficiency.


Therefore there are several principles that can help us not to work faster but more sensible: • Keep the work area clean and organized - Achieving work efficiency can sometimes be as simple as removing the clutter from the work area • Introduce a distraction list - Whenever a distracting thought occurs, write it down on the list (whether it is a Google Doc or a physical piece of paper) and get back to work • Take breaks - Even breaks that are only a few minutes long will help you recharge and come up with new ideas • Remove inefficient communication - It is important to reduce the number of emails sent, making each email clearer and more valuable -> this could mean that every email will take a few minutes to write, but it will save time, as no further communication will be required • Learn from success as well as from mistakes - Learning from mistakes is clear, but achievements deserve as much research as failures • Do not multitask - When you try to multitask, you don't actually do two things at once, but quickly change your focus from one thing to another • Measure your results, not the time spent on achieving them - One of the easiest ways to measure your results instead of time is to generate your lists



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