Task prioritization

Success Problem

One of the biggest challenges for project managers and executives is to prioritize everyday work.


It is therefore important to have a good overview of the status of the project to ensure that no one works on yesterday's priorities - however, to put this into real life, we need practice.


1. to DO list If you do not have an overview of everything you need to complete, you cannot effectively prioritize tasks. This may seem rudimentary, but it is something that often jumps into the project in a hurry. So take the time to list everything you need to work on. Remember to divide larger tasks into subtasks, based on monthly, weekly, and daily goals, so you don't feel overwhelmed. 2. learn HOW TO prioritize How you ultimately prioritize tasks depends on the nature of your work and your personal style of work, but there are some simple methods of prioritizing tasks. • Method "Eat the Frog" Eat the Frog is a quote-based system from Mark Twain, who said, "If your job is to eat a frog, it's best to do it in the morning." • Eisenhower's decision matrix This method is based on organizing tasks into a matrix that contains four quadrants to which tasks are assigned based on whether they are important -> schedule when you complete the task, urgently -> delegate the task to someone else, both -> DO IT NOW! or do not fall into any of the named categories -> get rid of the task. • ABCDE Method With this method, you assign a value from A (very important) to E (eliminate whenever possible) for each task in the list, depending on its level of importance, and solve the tasks accordingly. Make sure you always work on your A and B assignments, as these are the ones that will help you get on the job. 3. use the CALENDAR Whether it takes minutes or weeks to complete, it always has a start and an end. Once you have your list, add a start and end date to each assignment. This will ensure continuity, but in particular no task will go unnoticed.



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