Project plan

Success Problem

The content and the preparation of the project plan.


Project plan is a basic document, in which the project manager defines (contrary to the project management plan) the project goal, project objectives and the best possible combination of the activities and resources, needed to reach the goals in assumed project environment.


After approving the project plan by the project owner it serves as a baseline and as an obligatory document for the project management. The project plan is an integrated system of partial documents for all task groups of the project manager. The project plan can have a form of the integrated project plan or of the collection of deailed plans of several partial projects of the complex project (multiproject) or program. Accepted by the project steering committee it becomes a baseline for the project execution and control. The project plan encompasses the following subdocuments: • document identification, • document resumé, • reference to the project scope, • management plan of the project scope including work breakdown structure, statement of work and implementation plan, • project quality management plan, • resources management plan, • procurement plan and contract administration plan, • project schedule, • project cost and financing plan and project budget, • risk and opportunities management plan, • communication plan (including the project register and plan for corre-spondence monitoring).


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