Strategic and operative management

Success Problem

The differences between strategic and operative management of the permanent organization.


Strategic management of the permanent organization is a complex of activities for monitoring the development of the organizational environment, determinnig and actualization of the mission and vision, determining strategic goals and effective use of the resources for the realization of the internal projects. Operative management of permanent organization is a collection of running activities for effective utilization of its resources to meet the demand for its products and for executing its internal projects.


Important result of the planning phase of the strategic management is the organization strategy as the basis for the „development plan“. In the case of an enterprise this development plan is often called „business plan“. The strategic management is followed by the operative management of the permanent organization. It is a repeated process, which besides the common business processes includes also: • monitoring and evaluation of business opportunities in keeping with organizational strategy, • evaluation of the business opportunity and the decision to acquire the contract, which is the component of the introducing the external projects to the portfolio of contracts, • the offer elaboration for the procuror, • evaluation of the competition results or negotiation with the procuror, • elaboration and decision of the contract plan, • contract execution and evaluation in the framework of contract portfolio management.



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