#3 Well Beyond: Capacity-building and Standards for Health and Well-being in Education and Learning

12.06.2024 09:30 - 12.06.2024 10:50
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Join Language Works, 2BCognitus and ManagerPort for the 3rd online interactive webinar in our CoH4B series.

⏰ Time:

  • 9:30 AM Vienna Time (GMT+2)
  • 3:30 PM Kuala Lumpur Time (GMT+8)

What makes this webinar different?

  • Insights from Brian Cracknell, Dr. Rahmat Shazi and Victoria Horrox (Director of International Sales & Partnerships at Learning Curve Group) on implementing CoH4B in your organisation, leading to more meaningful growth
  • Instances of how stand-out individuals are prioritising health and well-being in their organisations, addressing issues in a systematic way
  • Interactive moderated dialogue – no presentations, monologues or lectures
  • Strategies and a framework for fostering healthy and productive work environments

Why participate? A Culture of Health can benefit us all. And it’s good for business. It leads to:

  • Improved decision-making and stakeholder engagement
  • More positive and productive work environment
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention

Join the conversation!

This 80-minute webinar is your chance to ask questions, share ideas and be heard.

Explore the power of moderated dialogue, as we learn together.

Success Problem

Culture of Health for Business (CoH4B) places health and wellbeing centre stage in projects, enabling healthier choices. It is critical that we explore how building capacity, learning and education strategies support and enhance advocacy for the workplace and a culture of health.


  1. Projects succeed when good health, quality learning and standards for health and well- being encompass co-workers, customers, community, and the environment.
  2. Setting the right context, building capacity, and understanding, ensuring sustainable practices and open communication will be essential ingredients of project success, both on-site and remote.
  3. Many may see ‘healthy business’ as just an HR issue. Yet CoH4B offers potential to significantly widen how we apply capacity-building practices to promote health and well- being.
  4. CoH4B can improve business performance via workplace capacity-building and advocacy, greater productivity and benefits, and an environment enabling all to thrive.


  1. Work with others to broaden scope, raise awareness and take responsibility for capacity- building and standards of health and well-being
  2. Expand use of CoH4B metrics as a basis for managing and assessing projects better, focussing on advocacy in workplaces and learning environments.
  3. Lead with clear purpose, but creating space for sharing, listening and enabling advocacy, knowledge-sharing and asking questions.
  4. Learn how to change existing ways of doing things by prioritising broad health and well- being needs and mapping them to CoH4B’s 4 pillars - team members, customers, community, and environment.

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